It’s been a long time since we’ve posted on our blog, and so many exciting events have happened here at Flatiron Consultants and in our country and world. More and more people in our industry, and families across America are getting back to a bit of normal. Families are getting back together, grandparents are hugging their grandchildren and loved ones are finally able to spend much needed time together after so much time being forced apart. Kids are getting back to school, visiting and playing with their friends. We hope through all of what we’ve been forced to endure, that we’ve all learned to truly value our families and those we care about most, not sweat the small stuff and enjoy what we have. I for one, sincerely hope that as kids across America get back to hanging out with friends, playing in neighborhood sports and getting ready for summer that they keep playing outside. Parents keep STEM and STEAM activities going for their children, and time away from the computer and tv screen—especially after a year or more of remote learning is so overwhelmingly important.

Here at Flatiron, change is in the air. We’re relocated our west coast operation to New York City, mere blocks from our namesake, in what used to be called the toy district. We’re working harder than ever to get excess inventory to the right shelves. Just as we had to adapt to a world turned upside down, we expect just as much adaptation to a world after COVID-19. Our sources of supply have broadened and the branded products we’re buying and selling are now originating in the United States and China of course, but also India, Vietnam and Indonesia with more supply chain to come. As always, we’re looking for folks both in and out of the toy industry to contribute to our blog and add your perspective as the industry changes and all things fun and games as we get back to a bit of normal.

In future blogs we’ll be looking at further trends and to local businesses for inspiration. Please pop us a note with what you’ve found inspiring lately!