We turn your excess into access:

Since FlatIron began, we have done business with many of the premium branded toy companies you know, and have established long term relationships with them. We believe that discretion is a critical component to building and maintaining a relationship of confidence and trust. If you would like some specific references, we’ll be happy to share them privately with you as a prospective supplier.

We recognize that our suppliers don’t HAVE to do business with us, they don’t NEED to do business with us; so what we do is provide the best value and seamless transactions so that they WANT to do business with us!

Our approach is not cookie cutter. Every supplier has different needs. Each inventory has its own path to our door. All transactions have their own nuance…but also basic needs: quick resolution, discretion, safe distribution, and of course, limited financial risk.

With FlatIron, credit is NEVER an issue, simply because we will never ask for it. Our business model is and has been from our startup, to pay our suppliers in advance of any shipments made. It can’t be simpler or more risk free than that.

So, please be in touch. We’d love to chat with you.

What we do best:

  • We match your products to the right buyers every time

  • We offer hassle-free exchanges and every transaction is confident and confidential

  • Any inventory lists that you send are kept private within our small network of buyers

  • We limit both our suppliers and customers on purpose to keep turnaround quick, so you are important to us and we are of value to you

  • Our narrow focus helps both you as a supplier and us to achieve a true partnership and build trust.