Happy Almost Spring from Flatiron Consultants! Like so many of you on the east coast, the Midwest, mountain states and everyone living in a colder climate, we’re so ready for winter to be done and warmer weather and longer days to take over. Spending more time outside, resuming long-awaited travel, kids finishing school and families spending more time together. I for one can’t wait!

Like many of you in all corners of the toy industry, Flatiron was disappointed to say the least that, for a second year in a row, we were not able to meet face to face and connect with our counterparts and colleagues from across our country and world at International Toy Fair. To peruse booths, to network, to check out and do research on new and exciting trends. But as we start the month of March, I am so hopeful that Spring 2022 will bring new opportunities and new connections to build like never before. With what the last two years have brought upon us, we’ve learned—as an industry and toy lovers’ community and country and world—to be nimble, to innovate the ways we do business, to be open to positive change. At Flatiron, we’ve taken all of this on board, but our paramount goal is still the same. If you’re a supplier: to turn your excess into access every time, and if you’re a prospective client: to ensure that the right products go on the right shelves, and into the hands of kids everywhere.

With every cold and blistery winter, spring offers a new outlook and new chances to better ourselves and our companies. As always, we at Flatiron are looking to make new connections and expand our reach- both in person and virtually. As the world opens back up, I look forward to a bright Spring that’s oh so close. So many of you know we’ve been buying and selling excess inventory for over 40 years. We’re not stopping now- charting a bold course forward, and we’d love to connect with you!