While remote learning has been happening at my house, I’ve watched my son use a new, innovative, building block for so many purposes. The teacher asked them to find something around their house to build letters to practice their sight words. She gave suggestions, and even though we had many of those suggestions, he chose this particular new product. Since he started exploring and building two and three-dimensional statues, figures and pieces of art, most recently has been using them to make words, practice his addition, making numbers, and using them for his STEM class challenges. These blocks, and products like it are perfect for at home learning and will be useful for in school centers too.

As a mother and educator, sometimes toys have become technology based, flashy with lots of sounds or buttons. The chances for children to be inventive and use their imagination has become less and less especially with instructional manuals and more how-to tutorials. Young children learn through exploration. They need toys and tools that foster the imagination for them to explore and create through play.

– Kristin C, East Windsor, New Jersey