Welcome to Flatiron Consultants’ brand-new webpage. It’s an exciting time for us, and a lot of effort in the making! We hope you look around, stay a while, and see what we have to offer in the excess inventory space within the toy industry. Having been around this space for my entire life, and seeing my business partner (who happens to also be my dad) play an instrumental role in growing this sector of the industry into what it is today, I find it interesting to see that everything old is new again. Some items my dad had on his shelves in his showroom 30 years ago have come back around in response to the crazy times we find ourselves living in. In the age of families spending more and more time together at home, it is incredibly satisfying to see families shut off the many screens we find ourselves in front of and get back to basics: board games, puzzles, educational tools and games. Getting outside, getting active and using our wildest imagination. To me, as someone who is fairly new to working in this space, one of the most amazing trends in the toy industry is that some of the toys I used to play with as a kid are now being used for learning, and STEM/STEAM education both at home and school. Well maybe I was learning a ton while playing as a kid and I just didn’t know it at the time. I guess life comes full circle in some unexpected and truly fun and very rewarding ways.

We hope to use this space to talk about our opinions on trends in the toy industry today, muse about things we might see happen in the future (or would like to see) and highlight some weird and fun facts about the rich and storied history of toys and games. We’ll post our whereabouts so you can find us at industry trade shows and events and have some guest writers talk about their thoughts on toys and games, both inside and out of the industry. We hope you explore our webpage and like what you come across. Bruce and I are always open to chat- tell us what you think, drop us a line—you can find all of our contact info on the “Contact Us” page. We’d love to work with you, so get in touch!

– Brian Salkin