It’s been a while since our last blog post, we here at Flatiron hope you and the ones you love are having a terrific holiday season. We’re taking time to reflect on the past year- its opportunities, challenges and setbacks. We’ve all had to learn how to operate our businesses and manage expectations for ourselves and our partners in new ways. In some respects, 2021 has been amazing- through scientific breakthroughs unheard of mere years ago, we are all able to reunite with our families and send our kids back to school and return to our offices with a bit more comfort. We’ve continued to appreciate the smaller things- more time with family, a hug from a loved one, more time to enjoy the outdoors. We’ve also had to learn and adapt to some new normals—of hybrid working and supply chain issues which may last well into the new year. If the past couple of years have taught me (and Flatiron) anything, it’s that we—and the toy industry as a whole—are super resilient and quick to adapt to any changes or obstacles which may come our way. We look forward to seeing and meeting so many of you when we gather for Toy Fair in February. It seems like a long time coming, and we’re revved up and ready to foster new relationships and create new opportunities!

Wherever you are, have a safe and healthy holiday season, and cheers to an amazing 2022!