It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a new blog on our website, and it’s way overdue! We at Flatiron hope everyone in and out of the toy industry has a joyous and safe holiday season. It sems like just yesterday—and also seems like ten years ago we were all hunkered down at home enduring the worst of a global pandemic and what then seemed like it was going on for an eternity. I think everyone reading this can agree it’s an amazing feeling to have our lives back to a somewhat sense of normal. Kids back in school, going back into the office or maybe a hybrid work from home/office days a few times a week type of deal. Maybe even some alone time we didn’t have before. I for one am so glad we’ve come out the other end stronger- as people, as a community of toy industry professionals.

My hopes for 2023 are that supply chain issues continue to ease and shipping- especially from abroad becomes easier as time goes on. Our big hope for the new year is that Flatiron Consultants continues to grow- it’s an exciting time for us as Brian transitions to owning our company and running the ship! It’s been a long but exciting process of learning from some of the best in the closeout space, success in streamlining some of our procedures on the back end and some amazing work over the past year, and work that still needs to be done to ensure our suppliers and clients continue to have the absolute, very best experience working with us. At Flatiron Consultants, we pride ourselves on giving all of ourselves and our expertise of over 40 years in the industry to everyone we work with, and that fact will never change.

Many reading this post know that I come from a background in politics and nonprofits. In that world we often said to volunteers who come into campaign offices that they come in for the cause but stay because of the experience they have and the people they meet. I absolutely believe the same sentiment applies to the toy industry- and for me, especially the excess inventory sector. Our suppliers and clients- both current and prospective come to Flatiron because they know or have heard about the work we do and the professionalism we bring, but they stay engaged as a result of the relationships we build and the top-notch services we will always provide.

We are always striving to expand our reach and connect with new suppliers and buyers. We’d love to connect with you, so please get in touch! And just projecting into the future, we look forward to finally meeting in person with so many friends, both old and new at Toy Fair 2023!