We at Flatiron Consultants, very much like you who are reading this post are excited for what 2021 will bring. The past year was tumultuous and unprecedented to say the very least. Many of us have had to learn to adapt to a new “normal” on the fly and adjust how we conduct our businesses and interactions to an all-virtual world. I, for one have learned so much over the past year and being an eternal optimist, look for the bright side of every situation I’m put into. Families have been made to spend more time together than ever before, and I’ve learned, as I’ve said in my first post on Flatiron’s blog, that “everything old is new again.” I talk with so many of my friends and acquaintances in my generation who have young and school-age kids—who justifiably want to see them back at school but who have enjoyed spending loads more time playing with their children. Toys we’ve seen come through our doors are seeing renewed life and purpose. A quick example- I always played Jenga with my parents growing up, and now families are playing Monopoly Jenga, Jenga Bridge and others. It’s not just a fun game of steady hands, but now teaches kids (and kids at heart) math and engineering.

I can only hope that as we move through this new, hopeful year, we won’t forget the lessons we learned in 2020—and in true STEM/STEAM fashion, use everything we’ve learned as a strong foundation and building blocks to make our friendships, relationships and business partnerships even stronger.

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